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, but did he get it? yes, he did. his 22nd round trip this year. desmond catches a hanging curve. on its way to a fan. desmond with his 23rd home run. two-zero nationals. let's go to camden yards. this game was tied for most of the night. hardy is covering third. the final out and that rays' rally. camden yards was going crazy. a one liner to the wall in right field. camden yards scores -- camden he runs again. the magic continues in baltimore. back to workwent rehearsing fored rams. garcon did not practice today said he will play sunday. the redskins signed justin snow. robert griffin the third has named the offensive player of the week. the rookie quarterback was asked he learned sunday. >> there are certain place that will be gifted to make. just with the talent god has with.d me looking for those plays time, that will never work. everybody is in the red areas, plays like that can like the touch pierre garcon. >> the college football world is buzzing with the announcement that another day and has joined the atlantic coast conference in football. but will play at least five acc every seaso
to right and to not make that. and here is the winning run in the form of ian desmond. the nats win a game, 6-7 is that magic number, now 17. >> and in to maryland and philly, avenging the loss to temple. with the second quarter, maryland up 10-3 and with that action. the terps at that point and in to that second, no one-3 and no problem, and he goes 11 yards for the score and win 26-27 and are 2-0 in the season. and virginia, hosting penn state and that is since 2002. and michael rocco looks for jake mcgee and with that extra point. that is key and with that last chance to win it and in to charlottesville and win again, uva, 17-16 and they 2-0. coming up on nissan sports extra, i am here because lindsay murphy is in new orleans getting ready. >> i know. >> and that is against the saints. >> and that is nothing at all. >> and to start tomorrow. >> we have to send in some pancakes. >> yeah. >> and thank you. >>> a rare sight in new york city today. a tornado. see how that impacted the u.s. open. next. next.  . >>> severe weather toe across the northeast. this is a
desmond remolcó cuatro carreras y los nacionales aplastaron 11-5 a los cachorros de chicago. laroche y jayson werth conectaron cuatro hits cada uno para los líderes del este de la nacional, que se despegaron siete juegos y medio sobre su escolta bravos de atlanta. es la brecha más amplia de la campaña. desmond, el venezolano jesús flores, tyler moore y ryan zimmerman también la desaparecieron para igualar el récord de la franquicia en un juego. en toronto, mark reynolds conectó un jonrón de tres carreras, zach britton lanzó siete entradas para ganar su cuarta apertura consecutiva y los orioles de baltimore vapulearon 12-0 a los azulejos. con la derrota 5-2 de yankees de nueva york ante rays de tampa bay, los orioles empataron a los yankees en la cima de la división este de la liga americana. esto no ocurría desde 1997, el año en el que por última vez ganaron el banderín y avanzaron a la postemporada. por baltimore., el dominicano wilson betemit se fue de 1-0. se viene otras dos fechas de clasificacion al mundial de brasil 2014 y los argentinos se mediran a paraguay y pe
watching his nats cruise to their third win in a row. second batter ian desmond facing the rookie. desmond gives him a big welcome to the big leagues, kid. a two-run home run. the nats book 2-0. desmond far from done. bottom second. two on. he cranks this one to the wall. it hits. edwin jackson and jason werth come in to score. bottom four. adam laroche. a home run yesterday. tonight he is doing it again. the solo shot number 26 on the season. he would also get number 27. he went 4 for 4. check out who he celebrates with in the dugout. his son, drake. nats win. they lead. >>> orioles and toronto coming into tonight the birds one game back of the yankees. did you see that? the swing is the thing for him in the top of the fifth. four home runs in the last five games. a three-run shot here just clears the fence. orioles up, 3-0. a lot of high fives for that one. man! zack gets a swing. orioles win big, 12-0. the words are tied with new york atop the a.l. east. >>>t the u.s. open andy roddick's match was delayed by rain. roddick doesn't seem to mind waiting for his match or his retirement. 7-0
desmond tutu talking about apartheid, talking about south africa, and talking about israel. >> coming from south africa and looking at the checkpoints and the arrogance of those young soldiers, probably scared, may be covering up the apprehension -- there is no way [indiscernible] it reminds me of the kind of experiences that we underwent. i was bishop of johannesburg and would be driving from town to where we lived, and would be driving with my wife, and the fact of our having to have passes allowing us to move freely in the land of our birth. and now you have that extraordinary structure, the wall. i myself do not believe it has improved security. breaking up families, breaking the people who used to be able to walk from their homes to school -- children -- now have to take a detour. when you humiliate a people to the extent they are being, and, yes, one remembers the kind of experience we had when we were being humiliated, when you do that, you are not -- you are not contributing to your own security. >> retards of african archbishop desmond tutu, alice walker, your response? >> i am ve
. although far from the least likable. and desmond, his nephew and ward is the nicest character. and i have mellowed. i've never risked sentimentality never come so close to it as with desmond but i was very fond of him as i'm very fond of lionel. someone once said the covers of a book are like the bars of a cage and you could admirehe tighe we are his marvelous eyes and his bulk without feeling any danger. and literary monsters are very similar to that. we enjoy them without feeling threatened by them. >> rose: and what does des think of lionel? >> he loves him. that's the trouble. and is very loyal to him. so-- because he's been in lieu of a father and a mother for him since the age of 12. so he helplessly loves him. you know, the people you've known all u life, the power of your early feelings never leaves you and both he and his wife have a figure in their lives. his wife's father who is contemptible but you can't help loving them. and that's the situation in desmond. >> rose: you have often written about the ambiguity between father and son. >> yes. but-- but i wouldn't like to give an
. in the seventh, desmond, the star, up the center and the nationals when a tough one. the yankees host the echoes at the top of the fifth. -- coast the orioles at the top of the fifth. tutu won the yankees. hear them say goodbye. the six looks like an instant replay. reynolds is not fixing it today. same play -- a three- n shot and the orioles went 8- 3. since two years ago, there hasn't been a steady running the redskins. it has been a rotation out of spinning into the offense. clearly they are doing well. when tim hightower was sent to injured reserve, they proved to do it. his stuff this year's sixth pick exceled in camp. spotty but each back brings something table. ferent to that they are proven players. i like what i have seen in practice at what i have seen in the game. each guy has a different quality be interesting to see them compete. brandon banks will compete on the roster again. the special teams star returned a 91 for a touchdown. for banksn the table hethat's how much he says believes in him. the sixth and final buyout to roster. good jobsdone a throughout training camp that play to
of tampa. desmond jennings comes then and is all tied at 2. orioles had bases loaded, nobody out, and christopher do. in the bottom of the 14th, matt joyce dives and cannot get it. adam jones in to score the winning run and the orioles week the rays in the pre-game series, winning this afternoon 3-2 in 14 innings. insanity last night followed by bedlam this afternoon. pete gilbert joins us live from the yard. just an incredible afternoon today. >> the norm now has become the spectacular. think about it, september 13, a single from #13 and another celebration that we will show you right now. they are having so much fun here camden yards. the orioles are alone for now in first place, a half-game ahead of the new york yankees who are getting ready to face the red sox this evening. the orioles road trip began in oakland. >> a while road trip ahead for the orioles, nine games in the next 10 days. we knew would not take long for the ravens season to get interesting. feely has an excellent, aggressive team and we have already seen what joe flacco and the ravens offense can accomplish. a
. >> desmond hits this ball high in the air, right center. see you later! >> not one but two local team in first place. nats and os hitting their stride. sports breakfast coming up. >> this one is gone!  >>> in sports, game two of the series between the nats and cubs. even desmond hit a two-run homer in the first inning. he drove in two more runs with a double in the sebelius and. the nats would hit a record sick home runs including two by adam laroche. they end up pounding the cubs 7 457b. the team go back at it again tonight. -- they end up pounding the cubs 7-5. >> baltimore wins 12-0 despite a little rain. zach britain pitched seven scoreless innings. os are tied for first place with the yankees who fell for the rays. i didn't see my man being manny machado in those highlights. >> i think i fell more love for the orioles from tucker than the nats. >>> a message in a bottle washed ashore in satellite beach. >> the woman who found the bottle is trying to track down the person would wrote the message. we have a report. >> reporter: amy neiman hit the sand at satellite beach
shoppach, lannon goes 5 2/3 and of allows in runs. top 8 still 1 -0. ian desmond, a swing to the left, nats up 2-0, win by the same score and finish the season series with the mets winning 14 of the 18 games. the nats magic number to win the east is now 11. afterward ian desmond on john lannon's performance. >> tonight these guys were licking their chops, finally get to face a starter that's not throwing 95, 96 and i shuts them down for to save 2 -- he shuts them down for 5 2/3, definitely could have been longer. he looked great and did his job. >>> listen up, brian bolter, o's and rays, bottom of the 9th tied at 2-2. manny ma machado makes the flow to first. bottom of the 9th that is a mighty clout off the wall. here comes machado. o's win 3-2. celebrate, baltimore, you're tied with the yankee as top the al avenue. >>> when we return, robert griffin, iii wasn't the only rookie to shine in new orleans sunday. we're talking about alfred morris and his inspiration for a touchdown celebration when we come back. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around t
of the first ian desmond at the plate facing the cubbies. a two-run home run, 20th of the rain. nats had a 2-0 -- year. nats had a 2-0 lead. this time two runners are and it's driven to the base of the wall at left field. desmond has four r.b.i.s. the nats lead 5 -0. bottom of the 8th now 10-5. adam laroche who homered in the 4th does it again, his second solo shot, 27e. of the year. nats -- 27th of the year. nats hit a record six solo home runs and lead the braves by 7 1/2 games in the nl east. >> great game, offense. it was fun watching, think everybody got a hit, so good game. everybody in our lineup is capable of going out of the ballpark and, you know, we're in e right now offensively. we've been kind of building to it. i like the lineup. we haven't had the lineup together very long. >>> the orioles north of the border against the blue jays, top of the 5th, no score until mark reynolds goes deep to left field. he's been doing that a lot lately. davis at the wall is going to leap but won't catch that one, a three-run homer for reynolds, his 17th of the year, all baltimore would need. th
th still tied, braves had runners on first and third. i yap desmond throws -- ian desmond throws home, but it's wild. the braves walk off with a 2-1 win and trail the nats now by 7 1/2 games. >> you have to tip your hat to medlin. he pitched another great game against us. just made a little error at the end. otherwise it was looking pretty good. >> he's already sliding in celebrating. it was probably a one in 10 chance and didn't get it. >>> right now the orioles are tied with the athletics 2-2 in the 5th. >>> coming up pierre garcon questionable sunday. we'll hear from mike shanahan next. when you first got internet at home you probablyly had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anything this country has ever seen. to get your family up to speed with fios quantum -- call the verizon ce
desmond, the birthday boy. nats get a solid performance from ross detwiler as well pitching wise. and we can say it, it's official, nats playoffs here we go. >> what's the big deal? [ laughing ] >> it was fun, but it's not what i had my eye on. it's a nice step to get here. but, you know, every manager that is leading the division, that's the only thing that matters winning the division. >> reporter: what a night out here. again, 30,000 plus witnessing this history. the first time a dc area baseball team can say they're going to the playoffs in 79 years. much more coming up in sports. we'll hear from the players at about 11:20. back to you new not studio. matt jablow is live in the studio. matt, what is going on with the celebration. >> reporter: anita, as you can well imagine, there were thousands of extremely excited nats fans. just about an hour ago, 10:01 p.m. when the game actually ended. here is a fan's reaction. >> their first ever playoff. >> this is awesome. >> wonderful. >> 79 years. >> absolutely fantastic. this is awesome. >> bigger and better things are coming in the next co
against the rays. the os keep getting it done. a chop to third. no play. desmond jennings comes home to tie the game. extra innings. ahead to the 14th. runners on second and first. first and second. manny sprays a line drive into left. matt joyce lays out. tries to save the game. the 20-year-old rookie, defensive hero. remember the pump fake move on wednesday comes through with a bat and clutch. they sweep the rays and keep the pressure on the yankees. ensured a winning record of the orioles since 1997. the yanks needed a win in boston to keep up with the orioles. drive to deep center. looks like trouble. granderson runs it down at the wall. nice play. yankees up, 1-0. two on for derek jeter. a classic jeter hit. drops it in between the defense. run comes in to score. with that hit, jeter ties willie mays for tenth on the all-time major league hit list. one of seven strikeouts here in the game. 2-0. they set a three-game set at home against the rays tonight. dodgers and cardinals fighting for a wild card. craig breaks a tie with an rbi single. dodgers lost four in a row. cardinals ha
. buster really everybody i. >> dodgers continue to fate in the west last to national doubles in desmond whether score from his first. gnats win capitol will be post season for the first time since 1933. if the a's make the play off they have to do it without starter brett anderson. he will miss the rest of the regular season with strained oblique muscle. as if i naturally with center. jackson misplay and the would goes to the all for a triple. there was a 6-3 added more ought ought tonight clears the base was right field corner he 4 rbi 12 score of final oakland now tied with baltimore the riled died and why 4 games on the west. thursday night football york giants were playing as well as the san francisco giants despite missing 3 stewarters on offense they had had no trouble with kavbing. never shot a football game from the side line. giants roll. hurt on the play but is andre brown made the mess of the tuchbility he rumbled for 113 yards and pair of touch down and eli manning was on target. defending champ many to be a victory. >> according to greg norman tiger woods is intimida
continue to fate in the west last to national doubles in desmond whether score from his first. gnats win capitol will be post season for the first time since 1933. if the a's make the play off they have to do it without starter brett anderson. he will miss the rest of the regular season with strained oblique muscle. as if i naturally with center. jackson
. bottom of the inning, big spot on for ian desmond. an rbi single to center. scored perez. the nats come back and win 4-3 and take a series from the cards. >> he was going strong. i mean, i -- you know, i've been hooking him a little early all year because of the innings count. i think he had another inning in his tank, but i also didn't want to rev it up and maybe cost him the start. he was vintage strasburg today. >> chris tillman and the o's. three games back of the yankees entering today's game. a man on for chris dickenson. new york up 2-0. tillman would leave after three with right elbow stiffness. top five. o's still down 2-0 until mark reynolds steps to the plate and gets some good wood off of phil hughes. solo shot. his 15th homer of the year. o's within one. top of the sixth. next at-bat for reynolds and he is seeing the ball well. this jack of the three-run variety. reynolds, two homers on friday. two more today. o's win 8-3. they are now just two back of the yankees in the labor day weekend means grand slam tennis in the big apple. headlines from day seven. the dominance of t
th, still a 1-0 game, desmond goes to left. his 23rd of the year. the nats win 2-0 finishing the season series with the mets at 14-4. the magic number now at 11:00. >> afternoon baseball, the orioles looking to sweep the rays. and taylor tea garden hits one to center. both come around to score and it is a double for tea garden and the o's go ahead 2-1. this would go into extra innings. bottom of the 14th. two on for the orioles, manny machado up, and swinging and hits it into left, does he get it? he does not. so adam jones scores and the orioles win 3-2. their 13th straight extra inning win. back to you. >> back here tonight at 10:00 and the news edge at 11:00. posn women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like 8...wei-yin chen strikes ouu bj upton but desmond jennings swipes 3rd...90 feet from batter...ben zobrist swinging bunt to 3rd... jennings scores the tying run...chen goes and a third strong innings....bottom 8...1 out...go ahead run on 3rd... joel peralta strikes out manny man up... peralta fans reynolds tt end the inning...this game heads to extras....bottom 13..runner on 1st...machado bunts...throw to first bounces..machado's safe...2 on, nobody out.... it's reynolds' turn...bloop to shallow center..endy chavez has to hold at 2nd...ball drops...stationnto station... o's have bases loaded with nobody out....robert andino can win grounder to 2nd...rays get the out at out..winning run still at 3rd....matt wieters pinch hitting for teagarden... chris archer fell behind 3-oh...but comes back to strike out the o's catcher... now 2 outs with the bases loaded....last night's hero nate mclouth...a chance to do it again...but he strikes out...o's had the bases loaded and no outs and do not score... .bottom 14...machhdo hits a f
by desmond as washington upset stanford 17-1 17-13. it's the first loss of the year for the cardinals. pure tension for the a's. finished up the 10 game road trip. 4 and 6. smacked 5 home messrs. texas today. but los lost. rangers sell a two foot hot dog called the boom stick. 26 bucks and good for you. want to see a boom stick. mike has one. 2 run bomb off travis. hook after 1 inning. a's down 5 nothing. josh was in a slump so he shaved the facial hair. had 2 hits yesterday. 2 homeers today. reddick with 31 for the year. face nice and smooth now. a's down 5-1. down in the 9th. busted out the boom stick. to moss then reddick game. 3 homeers in the inning to make it 9-7 but johnny guess down swinging in the 9th. a's 1 game back of baltimore for the top wild card spot. host seattle texas in the final 6 games. before the final home game of the regular season the giants announce they will not bring back suspended outfielder cabrera for post season. don't want the distraction and bruce like the team chemistry. giants and d-backs hunter does this in the play offs giants may pla
. game tied at 2. ian desmond at the dish. clutch. rbi single to center. jerry perez. nats win, 4-3. their 81st win of the year. passing last year's total. 80 victories. incredible ending. bottom 9. two outs. 40-year-old chipper zones. hits a walkoff three-run homer off jonathan papplebaum. braves down 7-1 in the game. against the phillies. score five in the ninth. win 8-7. his ninth walkoff homer of his career. braves now trail the nats by 6 1/2 games in the nl east. speaking of people close to retirement. andy roddick taking on fabio fanini. second set tie-break. roddick in the far court. look at this beautiful winner. his wife, brooklyn decker is loving it. she is very happy. after dropping the third set, roddick, serving for the match in the fourth. fanini send him into the net. roddick his win. and retirement will have to wait. he advances to the fourth round. where he will take on seven seed, juan martin delpotro. coming of in a few, hellie and cool spech co cooley. mark reynolds, big series, os/yankees. and tiger woods and rory mcilroy, in a hunt to didn't deutsche bank cha
passed ia ian desmond. daniel murphy comes in to squoer. zimmerman goes fives innings and gives up two runs. top seventh, a front-row seat for this. tyler moore, another talented rookie with a two-run shot to left. the nationals take a 3-2 lead. in the nooirinth, it's the clos. tyler clipper coming in to seem the deal. and that's exactly what he does. save number 31 on the season. the nationals winl again, 5-3. their 88th win of the year. os hosting the rays and what a night at camden yards. that's a weather picture right there, camera. not so pretty for the rays. jj harding gets ahold 06 one. top four and some bad news. jason hamel lands a bad one. here's the thing, he had surgery on that knee july 15th. the orioles go onto win 9-1. but they can ill-afford another injury. and, finally, one of the most fantastic pieces of audio i have heard in a while. dallas radio show host shawn shariffe, an intern here with george michael back in the day had cowboys owner jerry jones on the show. and shariffe, who is an avid red skins fan, had a little fun with him. >> what do you think, jerry? isn'
-2. in the seventh, ian desmond singles up the middle. roger bernadina scores, the nationals win 4-3. yankees, mark reynolds was just really his show. a three-run shot, his second home run of the game. same spot. in the 8-3 and trail yankees by two games in the a.l. east. to say there were a lot of redskins' the roster cuts would be quite the understatement. m gano lost the job the day after he won it and chris cooley and hightower were released. n specialist brandon banks made the roster. it's all about looking forward head coach ns and n is competent about where his team stands. >> i feel really good about our football team. you know, it's changed, obviously, completely. and, you know, you've got guys that pitch your system, you've guys that you're hoping will all step up and play extremely well. i like the attitude going in, i like the competition and hopefully we play accordingly. >> at the start of the deutsche bank golf championship, odds rory mcilroy and tiger woods as the favorites. for their king he rd pga championship of t year and both probably didn't foresee a surprise contender. tig
extended his hitting streak to 16 games. >> nats still clinging to a 1-0 lead until now. in desmond, the all-star shortstop, number 23 on the year for him. >> some late-night inning drama. heads up play. kind of fakes the throw to first and then turns around and throws it to third. what a great play by the rookie to start the run down. heads up, man. muccado is on second. and mcclouth is going to stem up when he needs to. that's off the wall and it's the game. the orioles ghet the move 3-2 over the raise. and it is pandemonium in baltimore. these guys are inching closer to the playoffs despite the rash of injuries. >>> all right, talking football now, one professional game for rob bert griffe nrksz, ii. maybe because he was. my shanihan is not a dummy. he knew it made sensz. >> they say we've been running the west coast o fensz for the last 15 years. i'm not sure what it is anymore. so many people have gone different directions. >> everything is a little bit similar to something that you've done in the past. i wouldn't say it's exactly what i did at baylor. that was a unique offense
to short. but desmond's throw, oh, way off the mark. the game-winning run on the th error. >>> the first place orioles out west tonight taking on the a.l. wild card contender. right now, it is tied at 2 in the fifth inning. they're headed to the edward jones done for the 4:00 game. they haven't started 2-0 on the road since 1999. the team might have to find a way to make that streak come to an end without the services of they top deep thread wide receiver. a lot of standing around all week at practice today. his right foot has been sore. garcon did take part in a few drills but is listed as questionable. the coach says he'll be a game time decision. if he feels like he can go full speed, he will return to the line-up. otherwise, second-year wide receiver robinson will get the start. >>> friday night football in loudoun county. the john champ nights hosting central. here you go, listen for you, jim. they swarm in the end zone for safety. first-ever points at home. it's 2-0 champ. all-central after that u it's 23-2 falcons. bouzer hooks up for a 30 yard touchdown. more than 4 t.d. passes i
impulsando dos carreras, mientras que ian desmond agregÓ un caÑonazo de dos anotaciones en el cuarto. otra victoria de los nacionales. camino al mundial ya ganaron, rusia, alemiania, espaÑa, holanda italia enter otros pero en la conmebol, esta tarde colombia goleo 3-1 a chile en su propio estadio, pero que esta pasando en nuestra region, tenemeos la previa. ya esta en desarrollo la segunda fecha de septiembre camino al mundial de brasil, por la conmebol están jugando uruguay con ecuador y mas adelante les diremos como quedo chile con colombia, pero mas tarde se viene desde asuncion, paraguay que es ultimo de la tabla con 4 puntos que recibe a venezuela que es sexto con 8 unidades y en lima, la selección de peru con su victotia anterior es septimo con 6 puntos recibe al lider argentina con 13 puntos. por la concacaf, ser una jornada nocturna, el primer partido inicia a las 7 de la noche antigua y barbuda recibe a guatemala, guyana el colero de la tabla del grupo 2 recibe a el salvador, en el estadio de columbus crew, la seleccion de estados unidos quiere ganarle a jamaica, en el estadio
armstrong caught five touchdowns in two seasons here in d.c. the team elects to keep desmond briscoe in the log jam at receivers. the most surprising cut, tim hightower scored two touchdowns in five games last season. in one appearance this pre-season he got 28 yards on five carries. so here's a list of a few of the 22 that they had to cut down. tristan davis, also one of the notables not making the roster. terrence austin. lineman eric cook and willie smith. and on defense, corner, brandyn thompson. and brian kehl had to turn in his playbook. so everyone was surprised he was let go. the regular season is upon us now. >>> speaking of tennis and i wasn't, andy roddick giving fans love at the open. facing off with bernard tomic. andy with a great sliding return. he's getting pumped. match point for roddick. he ends it with an ace. 13 aces on the day for roddick. he wins in straight sets to advance to the third round. retirement can wait one more match. >> if it's your last appearance at the u.s. open which is the only grand slam you have won how cool is it hoe win in straight sets and
shy of making a record. tough play here but one an all star has to make. ian desmond, the fielding part is good. the throwing part no. they're seven and a half back. maybe it's appropriate that tomorrow's maryland yukon game is set for tomorrow noon. it will be a shoot out. etsel left yukon for maryland. he says he regrets that. can the huskies get revenge. we'll find out tomorrow. and by the way, we're your station for the game coverage. we'll be wrapping up the game and looking for redskins and ravens. that's the appetizer. how about a little friday night football? prep pick. 9 sports brings you the best. robert e lee doing a better job. holding down west springfield. but was it enough to spank >>> it's time for usa today high school sports presented by toyota. >> welcome back to high school football, week three. nothing like a little northern virginia love fest to get things started. robert elee west springfield just 10 miles apart. do you think you can stop the defensive. good luck. they're averaging 41 points a game. let's get to it. that is jordan right there walking out with
was the home run ball. the nats launched a franchise record six home runs and desmond in the first with the two-run shot and with that 20th. season and tyler more is a rookie and with the fourth. his eighth of the year and that put the nats up 8-1 and zimmerman in the 6th and that is his 18th of the year and finally, in the eighth, adam laroche hits a solo shot, the 22nd of the game, and the third multihomer game of the year. >> and everybody in the lineup is capable of going out of the ballpark. we're in a good place right now offensively. we're not satisfied and have a whole month left, you know, we want to continue this and to be a part of this, and you know, that hit was awesome. >> and finally, andy roddick's career came to an end as he fell to dell pocho in the fourth round of the u.s. open. brian? >> lindsay, thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on we're back here at 10 on the news edge at 11. hope you will be, too. see you later.  [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls
carlos denton drops the ball. ian desmond scores the game winning run. after almost six hours, nats get to celebrate 7-6 the final. rubber match tomorrow at 1:30. >>> orioles fans backing their birds as they battle the yankees for the a.l. east lead. j.j. hardy at the plate. hardy, he is fataking it to rig. nick markakis hustling in to score. o's up 3-2. that was as good. and here is the bad. markakis takes a 93 mile an hour fastball from c.c. sabathia off his left hand. a broken thumb, he will miss six weeks. o's go on to win 5-4 are back atop the a.l. east with the yankees. >>> beware the fury of the turtle. the terrapins remember all too well how they were embarrassed last year at home by temple. a 38-7 loss. today in philly at lincoln financial field, the terps exact some sweet revenge. they came in as double-digit underdogs. that hurts, but this makes them feel a little better. second quarter, tied at three, the freshman qb. perry hill drops back, and finds matt ferstenberg. later in the quarter, play action, going for more, a deep ball to marcus leak. wide open in the end zone, 32
. the game is tied at three apiece. bottom of the six, desmond jennings will triple. the approach to the infield gets away from pedro. a home run as tampa beat boston, 13-3. some highs and lows and a lot of momentum swings. the ravens saw firsthand at the championship game at joe flacco can play with scott brady. experience has taught them that being the pacers will take as much mental toughness as physical toughness. ray rice thinks this year's ravens team has the maturity to handle it. he knows that have a leadership. >> when we are down we pick each other up. that is what is great about our offense. i have been with them for five years. we have seen the growth in both of us. we cannot be as successful as we were. my floor and the younger guys, we call ourselves -- michael oher and the younger guys, we call ourselves the leaders now. >> north carolina coach roy williams hopes he can do more than just read about it. he underwent surgery today to remove a tumor. doctors discovered the tumor earlier this month during an exam. they don't of the tumor was benign or malignant. he also
, nationals shortstop desmond tweeted the words cardiac nats. that describes tonight's game and the whole rest of the season. they couldn't clinch the division but it was still an extra inning nail biter. it was an interesting start to the game. with bases loaded, mike moores hits what appears to be a home run to right. looks like it. but they're saying it's still in play. he gets runed down to first, gets tagged out. that definitely shows it was a home run, a grand slam. just like that, nats up 4-0. cardinals come back within 1. drew in for the save. one run comes in and we've got a tie ballgame. to the tenth we go. two on for suzuki. he sends one to the gap in left center. the nationals hold on to win this one 6-4. >>> chipper jones and the braves still in contention for the division. he was hit but his teammates came through. braves hold on to beat the mets 2-0. >>> because the braves won, the nats couldn't clinch the division tonight, but their magic number is down to one. dave owens in st. louis. he joins us now live. dave, i see no champagne shower tonight for you. sorry, buddy. >> no ch
it is over for the rays. bases loaded. desmond jennings brings in two runs, tie the game at four apiece. the next batter, dj upton. center field and gone. if 31 walk of home run. the rays have an outside hope in the playoff race. beating detroit in detroit. not the strong suit of this highlight. scoring all away from first and is 3-2 tigers. this will be all tied at three. four three oakland up. driving the ball off. they are coming to score, oakliand wins 12-4. even with the win tonight it looks like the race for the division title was 13 games less to play. the wild card has plenty of drama. o's and a's on top. the top team well as well -- will host the game. the washington nationals clinched their post-season spot tonight. paul kruger returned to full participation after missing all of last week. bernard pollard suffered bruised ribs last week. new england likes to play aggressive at the line of scrimmage. >> the guys are allowed to jam you and they can grab and hold you. that is what you do. we've played some contact. that is our philosophy and will work this week. this comes to buy
-0. in the 4th the nats are up 2-1. danny espinosa with a shot down the left line. there it goes. ian desmond was on first. would round the bases and beat the throw to the plate. nats are up 3-1. then we head to the 9th. they're up three. drew storen, strikes out the side. the nationals are playoff-bound after the game nats' manager davey johnson reacting to the win -- >> what's the big deal? [ laughter ] it was fun but it's not what i had my eye on you know. i mean it's a nice step to get here. but you know, every manager that's leading the division -- that's the only thing that matters, winning your division. >> that's the truth. the first time in the d.c. area baseball has gone to the playoffs since 1933. now of course they were the expos before they moved here and when they were the expos they made et to the postseason back in 1981. last night's win was the 91st win on the season and that's a record for the nats. the magic number eight to win the division. >> as you can expect nationals fans were ecstatic about the win and the first playoff appearance in decades. >> you got it and matt ja
resumen del biesbol de grandes ligas. en filadelfia, bryce harper conectó su vigésimo jonrón, ian desmond y kurt suzuki añadieron sendos vuelacercas y los nacionales de washington doblegaron 8-4 a los filis para acercarse más a la conquista de su primer título divisional desde que la franquicia se mudó a la capital. los nacionales redujeron a cuatro juegos su "número mágico" para coronarse en la división este de la liga nacional. john lannan permitió dos carreras y cinco imparables en cinco entradas y un tercio para ganar su segunda apertura desde que ocupó el lugar de stephen strasburg en la rotación. strasburg, el derecho electo para el juego de estrellas, concluyó su participación en la campaña luego de llegar al límite de innings de trabajo que se le había impuesto. en baltimore, chris davis y manny machado conectaron dos jonrones cada uno para que los orioles empataran la marca del equipo, de siete cuadrangulare s, y derrotaran 12-2 a los azulejos de toronto, un triunfo que los mantiene a juego y medio del liderato de la división este de la liga americana. los orioles
got his first start since taking stephen strasburg's spot in the rotation. he and desmond went owe eeon desmond went deep in the 8th. nats shut out the mets 2-0 and sweep the series. up in baltimore, check out the orioles magic. >> jockeying back and forth, down the line in right field. it's a fair ball. the orioles win it 3-2 in the 9th inning. >> that's all you need to hear. os beat the rays 3-2 in the 9th inning but the yankees and baltimore remained tied. >>> he's not quite at sainthood level yet but redskins quarterback robert griffin iii will be on the cover of "sports illustrated" this week deservedly so. he was named the nfc offensive player of the week. he's not taking all the credit, though. >> it's more than just myself. i mean, all the guys out there performed at a high level. it paid off us for with a win. i guess with another win for offensive player of the week. >> sure was terrific. the reds skins visit the rams this sunday. kickoff 4:05. >>> it's 6:24. straight ahead the latest on our breaking news. more protests at u.s. embassies overseas. >> plus, cracking down o
and the nationals got started early. they kept it up throughout the game so far, bottom of the 1st ian desmond at the plate with jayson werth on first. the shortstop crushes one to deep right center field. not many fans there, not sure why. two-run home run, his 20th of the year, nats lead 2 -0. bottom of the 2nd, now 3-0. desmond, two runners on and to the base of the wall in left field. two runs score. right now the nationals are leading 11-5 still in the 8th inning. >>> you might have seen this saturday night here on fox. the cards and nats, matt holliday with a home run to center and watch the stairway. what would you do if that was your husband holding your child? >> i'd yell at him. >> super dad, adam thomas from chevy chase. his son is sullivan. he said he did it safely and made sure the ball was not going too fast. it's a great play, a great souvenir and a great moment for these two. >> we were sitting out at the restaurant in the outfield. matt holliday came up to the plate and hit a home run and it bounced out on the stairs near where we were sitting and slowing down enough that i fe
and puts the rays in front. tampa bay goes back-to-back, desmond jennings and b.j. upton. homer to put this away for the rays. it's 5-2. baltimore's win and new york's loss puts the two teams in a first place tie with tampa bay just a game and a half behind. when we come back, a navy seal's story. new details about the raid at osama bin laden's complex last year from a seal who was there and who wrote a newly released book on it. [ male announcer ] one try can change everything. from a seal who was there and who wrote a newly released book on it. from a seal who was and who wrote a newly released book on it. from a seal who was and who wrote a newly released book on it. ,,,, >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in d.c., thunderstorms, 88 degrees. same deal in atlanta, 86. strong afternoon thunderstorms in st. louis, 94 degrees. sunny in denver, 83. sunny out in seattle, 80 degrees. >>> one of the seal team 6 members who flew into osama bin laden's pakistani compound last year under the cover of darkness is revealing details about his orders and what went
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